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You Can Take The Boy Out Of Central Illinois...

... but you can't take the Central Illinois out of the boy (in the eyes of casting directors). Thanks to my history of detasseling corn and my salt-of-the-earth charm, I booked this commercial that shot in Central Illinois this summer.

Me (after college): "Peace out, mom and dad, I'm moving to the city to be an actor."

Me (this summer): "Yo, mom, hey, dad; I'm an actor...and I am coming home to play a farmer."

Honestly, It was a great experience, we had two beautiful days to shoot, the crew was very friendly and professional, plus my fake family got along well--which is important in fake family planning. Like a good fake dad between shots, I entertained the children with games on my iPhone, mainly Ellen Denegeres' Heads Up . Ok, it was just Heads Up. I love that game, and I think Ellen is a darn delight.

Fun fact for this shoot: the break we took to dry the sweat off my shirt during filming was longer than my on-camera time in the final cut. 2015 new years resolution: reverse that last statement for a project.

Enjoy the commercial, and spoiler alert: my crayon drawings are not for sale!

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