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Domain In The Membrane

Welp, I finally did it. After sitting on the domain name,, for over 3 years, I am happy to announce that I have launched a website!

But you probably know that since you are reading this. However, the fact that this site is up means that I am man of my word. Granted, my word moves at a three year pace; but I still did it!

Which means that I have successfully avoided being one of those washed up guys drinking alone on a Tuesday afternoon screaming at the bartender: "I COULD"VE HAD A WEBSITE, DALE! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?!? LIFE, DALE. Life happened. I will take another Twisted Tea."

I also successfully avoided any of those crumb bum fat cats stealing my domain, and charging me fists of cash to get it back OR worse having to settle for a .net.

Most importantly, I didn't lie to my mother. One, because I am a terrible liar. Two, because she bought me the domain for Christmas in 2010. This post and website are now proof to my mother that I did not spend her money on drugs or Twizzler Pull n' Peels.


If you take anything from this post: don't lie to your mother. Also, $200 amounts to a lot of Pull n' Peels.

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